Our Process

A Creative and Responsive Approach...

Maybe you've visited garden centres or flipped through magazines and browsed Pinterest and Houzz in search of your perfect outdoor space. It is our objective to make that vision a reality.

Phase 1 - Getting Started

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  Following the initial contact, we provide you with a questionnaire which allows the project to be scoped in the following way:
- Identify activities to be conducted: social gathering, children’s play, cooking, etc.
- Property attributes both negative and positive, likes and dislikes
- Phasing and budget parameters
  Meeting with a Landscape Architect from our office
  This is your opportunity to convey your aspirations and present images you may have collected, remember the designer works on your behalf - this is your project!

Phase 2 - Ideas & Imagery

Process Design Image

  Based on the preliminary budget, a Construction Contract Deposit Agreement is prepared for execution by the Client establishing dollar allowances for major components of the project
  Investigation of opportunities and constraints associated with the properties e.g. soils, grading and drainage, topographic attributes
  Review of zoning by-law and permit requirements of the local area Municipality
  Prepare preliminary sketches and budgets for review with the Client

Phase 3 - Confirming the Vision

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  Preparation of the Construction Contract
  Preparation of the Masterplan illustrating spatial arrangement of elements and general planting scheme
  Finalize approaches to grading and drainage design
  Elevation views of structures and out-buildings
  Meeting to confirm final material choices and design sign-off

Phase 4 - Creating the Lifestyle

Process Build Image

  Submit permit drawings to Municipality
  Request locates
  Final co-ordination of sub-trades and placement of material orders
  Site meeting to introduce construction team to Client
  Construction commences
  Weekly meetings to discuss possible changes, progress and timelines

Phase 5 - Enjoying the Finished Space

  Congratulations, we hope you enjoy your perfect space for many years to come!

Process Final

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